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Qigong is an energetic exercise based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Like the trains  of a subway system, we have energy meridians running within our body. These meridians are directly associated with our organs and when our meridians experience stagnations our organs can not work correctly, causing a break down in our body, mind and emotions.
Qigong movements help unclog these stagnations and bring balance back to our lives. 

Dragons Way Qigong is good for anybody, at any age or fitness level. DWQ is made up of 9 simple movements and a standing meditation. The movements are designed to rid stagnation in area's of the body, which will also promote health to our organs. When our organs are healthy we see our symptoms fade away. Knee pain, skin disorders, digestive issues, susceptibility to disease decrease, because the blocks they build on have been flushed away.
*Developed by Grand Master Nan Lu,,

DWQ saved me from having 2 knee replacements. I remember my knees hurting me when I was a child, as I played sports on the front lawn with my 5 older siblings. I continued to play at a competitive level, until my knees wouldn't allow it anymore. Finally, I woke up Christmas morning in 2017 and couldn't walk. The doctor told me I needed my knee replaced and that my other knee would need to be replaced soon after.
Instead, I dove into The Dragons Way Qigong program, which I had recently come across. Needless to say, my knees do not bother me at all, anymore! My knees actually started feeling better within a few days, and it only took me 2, 6 week sessions to fully heal. The potential to heal is there, if you commit to the program.
Then, if you choose, it can be a life journey.  I believe this is The Ancient Chinese Secret! 

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