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About me *
   Hi, I’m Kathleen Beier, Owner and Massage Therapist at Beier Wellness. I’m so excited to be practicing in Lindenhurst. It’s been over 30 years since I graduated from The Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy, and I still love it.
   My massage sessions can consist of light or deep touch, depending on the client. Sessions can be a full body treatment or focused on an area such as neck, shoulders, carpal tunnel, tmj, headaches, digestive issues, low back, or sciatic pain.
   A combination of Western Medical Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is incorporated into my treatments. I study TCM with world renowned Grand Master Nan Lu, and if you’re interested, I’ll teach you. I have a complete package to bring to the table to facilitate your healing process.
 Nassau Comm- Liberal Arts, Adelphi Univ- Communication, The Swedish Institute- Massage Therapy, Natural Facelift, The Upledger Institute- 27 years Craniosacral Therapy I, II, Advanced CST I, Somato-emotional Release, CST for Pediatrics, Brain Level I, Healing from the Core, Distant Healing from the Core, Unwinding the Meridians, TCM World/ Tao of Healing- 6 years- *studying under Grand Master Nan Lu- Dragons Way Qigong,  Qigong for Breast Health


Success story
 A new client, Joe, came in suffering with sciatic pain, a sharp pain which started in his left gluteus muscles then went shooting down his leg. Joe is in good shape, goes to the gym a few days a week and runs. Now this pain was keeping him from running, keeping him up at night, and from sitting at his desk and driving for any length of time. He has been to his doctor, tried all the stretches his trainer told him to do, but the pain continued. A co-worker of Joe’s is a client of mine and suggested he come see me. Joe could barely walk into my office and at first it was too painful for him to lay on the table. Using a Traditional Chinese Medicine protocol I was able to bring him out of the “fight or flight stage”, his body began to relax, then he was able to lay down and using a combination of eastern meridian work and western muscle treatment, Joe was able to drive home and sleep the night in peace. After 2 more sessions Joe was himself again.

Dragons Way Qigong * classes coming soon

DWQ activates and unlocks the body's potential to heal itself from all health issues including weight gain, palpitations, knee-back-shoulder pain, digestive issues, and emotional instability. We meet once a week for 6 weeks. 1. 10 Wu Ming Qigong movements 2. Eating for Healing 3. Five Element Theory.

 *Developed by Grand Master Nan Lu and Grand Master Xu

Qigong for Woman's Health * classes coming soon 

An enjoyable DIY 7 Qigong movement practice, which guides energy through all women parts to open stagnations causing emotional imbalance, menstrual cramps, hot flashes, mood swings, fibrous breast and breast cancer. Individual or group classes.

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